Annual Student Exhibition

PAFA's prestigious annual student exhibition, sale, and scholarship competition

The Annual Student Exhibition (ASE) is an academic capstone event and the longest-standing student exhibition of its kind. While art exhibitions for matriculating students are common, PAFA's show takes place in a major museum and is one of the most celebrated student group shows in the country.

The ASE offers PAFA's emerging artists the opportunity to curate, install, and sell their own work in a professional setting. In addition to its role as an exhibition and sale, the ASE includes a competition for the coveted Cresson, Schiedt, Von Hess, Ware, and Women's Board travel scholarships, to name a few.

The ASE marks the end of a student's time at PAFA but the beginning of their contribution to the arts and culture scene in Philadelphia and beyond. Among the many successful artists who have launched their careers at the Annual Student Exhibition are Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Bo Bartlett, Moe Brooker, Barkley Hendricks, and Sarah McEneaney.

News and Stories

Gianna del Rossi

Studying Fine Art to Succeed in a Digital World

To get prepared for a digital career in video games, PAFA-Penn student Gianna Del Rossi '20 chose to PAFA to study traditional fine art and focus on her technical skills. After finishing up at PAFA this spring, Del Rossi is going on to study at the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on...

Cardin Moffett Graduate

Technology and Art Becomes Student’s Focus

Cardin Moffett '19 came to PAFA to study painting but he couldn’t shake the nearly 20 years experience he has working in technology, as a graphic designer and programmer. As a recipient of a grant from PAFA’s Fine Arts Venture Fund, Moffett was able to marry his technology skills with art and create…

Daniel Flinchbaugh

Bringing an Artistic Touch to Philadelphia’s Architecture

As he prepares for the Annual Student Exhibition, the impact Philadelphia's landscape on Daniel Flinchbaugh's (BFA '19) artistic work is apparent—the city is deeply reflected in the subject matter and presentation of his work. After graduating from PAFA this May, Daniel plans to attend UPenn for…

Ash Bob

Using Art As A Way to Connect

After spending 3 years out of the country, Ash-Bob initially wanted to stay in California to pursue art. Her art teacher and PAFA alumnus Andrew Walker Patterson '07 encouraged her to look east. Even though she expected to be a figure painter at PAFA, the desire for connection and to share with…

Sally Richards

A Tech Executive Turns To Art As A Second Act

After more than 20 years at companies such as Gap and AT&T, Sally Richards '20 decided to focus on her art. She began by taking classes in the Continuing Education program, subsequently enrolling in PAFA's Certificate program to expand and refine her skills. That desire to zero in and focus has…

Charles Mason III

Showing His Work Beyond the Walls of PAFA

Charles Mason III '19 is about to graduate with his MFA. His art has always centered on race, but the way he expresses that has changed over the course of his two years at PAFA. As other students prepare for the ASE, Mason has chosen to exhibit his thesis at a local art gallery...


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