Registrar's Office

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for:

  • Student registration
  • Enrollment verification
  • Grading and academic records maintenance
  • Transfer credit evaluation
  • Academic and classroom scheduling
  • Monitoring students’ curricular requirements
  • Degree audits
  • Degree awarding
  • Veterans' benefits
  • FERPA compliance
  • Transcript requests
  • Private studio space logistics: keys, inspections, and contracts

Transcript Requests

Please see Student Transcripts for instructions on requesting a PAFA transcript.

Transcript Request Form


Please see the academic calendar and the course guide for registration dates and times.

All continuing students in good academic and financial standing are eligible to register for courses. Students must register in person during the scheduled registration period. Registration held during a given semester is for the following term.

4th-Year BFA students are eligible to drop off their registration rosters the week before pre-registration in a given semester. These students still have to meet with an advisor, but do not have to attend pre-registration.

Dropping and Adding Courses

  • Students may adjust their schedules, free of charge, by completing an add/drop form in the Student Services Office.
  • The drop/add period is the first two weeks of classes. Drop/add can be used to change a schedule or add an audit. Check the academic calendar for exact dates.

Registration Holds

Registration holds are placed on student records by the Bursar, Library or Financial Aid due to outstanding financial obligation.

A hold on a student's record prohibits the student from registering until the obligation is fulfilled. In some cases, a hold can lead to the deactivation of a student ID, temporarily limiting access to PAFA buildings. Students should check their mailbox, e-mail account and voicemail for an indication that they may have a hold. Any student finding a notice indicating they must go to see any of these offices will need to resolve the problem before registration begins.

Check with the following offices regarding holds prior to pre-registration:

  • Bursar: 215-972-4184
  • Financial Aid: 215-972-2019
  • Library: 215-972-2030

Auditing Classes

Classes may be audited on a space-available basis (the same policy for adding a class for credit) but cannot be added as an audit until the first two weeks of the semester. A record of audited work will appear on the student's academic record, and the work is subject to the same grading policy as other classes at PAFA.

Students may not audit more than one class per semester. Audit status may not be changed except during the add/drop and withdrawal period as with any course, and at no time can credit be granted retroactively. The fee structure for audited classes is the same as credit classes.

  • Full-time PAFA BFA students are eligible to audit one undergraduate class per semester.
  • MFA and Post-Baccalaureate students are eligible to audit one course per semester.

Closed Classes and Waitlists

Some classes have smaller class limits than others, and some classes fill quickly due to popularity. It is important for students to choose alternative classes in the event that a class closes. The student's advisor can assist with the selection of alternate courses during advising and during pre-registration.

For any classes that fill, the Registrar will maintain a list of students interested in enrolling, should a seat become available. Students with outstanding grades (Incompletes or Failures) will be given second priority on a waitlist for classes in extremely high demand, except if the course is mandatory for degree completion. See the Registrar for more information.

Transfer Credits

Current PAFA BFA students who are considering taking classes at another accredited college during the summer must get pre-approval through the Registrar’s Office. Incoming students with questions about transfer credits should contact the Admissions Office.

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