Academic Calendar

2023 - 2024

This calendar reflects major term dates and activities scheduled throughout the academic year at PAFA. Term start and end dates, refund periods, drop/add periods, and more vary for all terms.

2023 - 2024 Academic Calendar

Fall 2023
Studio Check-in Begins8/23/2023
New Student Orientation8/28/2023
Classes Start (Cert/BFA/PB/MFA)-Monday classes8/30/2023
Labor Day Holiday (no classes)9/4/2023
Classes Start (Low Residency MFA)9/5/2023
Fall Convocation9/7/2023
Drop/Add Ends9/15/2023
Indigenous Peoples Day (no classes)10/9/2023
Last Day to Withdraw from a Class11/3/2023
Undergraduate Registration for Spring Classes10/30 – 11/17/2023
Graduate Registration for Spring Classes11/20 - 11/21/2023
Thanksgiving Holiday (no classes)11/23 & 11/24/2023
Last Day of Fall Classes (MFA)12/11/2023
Final Crit Week12/12 – 12/18/2023
MFA End of Term Reviews 12/14 – 12/15/2023
Last Day of Fall Classes (BFA/PB/LoRes MFA)12/18/2023
Winter Break Begins for All Students12/20/2023
Spring 2024 
Classes Start (Cert/BFA/PB/MFA)-Monday classes1/11/2024
Martin Luther King Holiday (no classes)1/15/2024
Classes Start (Low Residency MFA)1/16/2024
Drop/Add Ends1/26/2024
FAFSA Priority Submission date2/1/2024
Last Day to Remove Fall Incompletes2/23/2024
Spring Break (no classes)3/2 - 3/10/2024
Classes Resume3/11/2024
Last Day to Withdraw from a Class3/22/2024
Undergraduate Registration for Fall Classes4/1 – 4/12/2024
Fall 2024 Undergraduate Studio Applications DueMid-April TBD
Graduate Registration for Fall ClassesMid-April TBD
Last Day of Spring Classes (MFA)4/25/2024
Final Crit Week4/26 - 5/2/2024
Last Day of Spring Classes (BFA/PB/LoRes MFA)5/2/2024
MFA1 End of Term Reviews5/2/2024
MFA2 End of Term Reviews5/6 & 5/7/2024
ASE Women’s Committee Preview Opening5/9/2024
Prize Ceremony/Graduation/ASE Public Opening5/10/2024
Annual Student Exhibition Closes6/2/2024
Last Day to Remove Spring 2024 Incompletes7/12/2024
Summer 2024
Orientation (Low Residency MFA)6/18/2024
Juneteenth Holiday (no classes) 6/19/2024
Classes Start (Low Residency MFA)6/20/2024
Low Residency MFA Graduation8/7/2024
Last Day of Summer Classes (Low Residency MFA)8/9/2024

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