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This student-run program brings an outstanding roster of local, national and international artists to PAFA each semester for lectures, critiques, and workshops. The program exposes students and the public to a range of artistic approaches and fosters discussion about contemporary art and ideas.

Spring 2022 Visiting Artist Program Schedule

All lectures are free and held online, beginning at 11:45AM ET.  

PAFA students do not need to register for public programs—check your student email account for invitations to the online lectures. 

Loie Lollowell

Loie Hollowell

January 19th, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

Known for paintings and drawings that explore the bodily landscape, Loie Hollowell’s practice exists in the liminal space between abstraction and figuration, otherworldly and corporeal.

Originating in autobiography, her work explores themes of sexuality, pregnancy and birth. Hollowell’s geometric compositions use symbolic shapes such as the mandorla, ogee, and lingam to build her distinctive visual lexicon. In referencing her own personal experiences, Hollowell’s paintings are at once personal and universal in their fierce vulnerability. Her use of symmetry – often anchoring her compositions in a central, singular axis – relates her paintings to her own body as well as the natural world.

Loie received a BFA from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an MFA in Painting from Virginia Commonwealth University. She currently lives and works in New York City. 

Artwork image information: Loie Hollowell, Book of Birth #1, 2021 oil, acrylic medium, aqua resin, epoxy resin, on linen over panel 24 x 28 x 5 inches

D'Angelo Lovell Williams

D'Angelo Lovell Williams

February 2, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

D’Angelo Lovell Williams (b. 1992, Jackson, Mississippi) is a Black, HIV-positive artist expanding narratives of Black and queer intimacy through photography. They earned their BFA in photography from Memphis College of Art in 2015, an MFA in photography from Syracuse University in 2018, and are a 2018 Skowhegan School of Art alum. They live and work in New York City. D'Angelo has had four solo exhibitions with Higher Pictures (2017-2020) and curated the 2021 exhibition “We Wear the Mask” at Higher Pictures Generation. D’Angelo has exhibited at LACMA, Gallery 400, MF Projects, Cleveland Museum of Art, TONE Memphis, La MaMa Gallery, WPA, OSilas Gallery, Lehman College Art Gallery, and FJORD Gallery. Their work can be seen in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The 1619 Project, The Bitter Southerner, Vanity Fair, Financial Times, DAZED, OUT, and VICE. D’Angelo is Currently an artist in residence at the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program in DUMBO through August 2022.

Artwork image information: D’Angelo Lovell Williams, Extensions, Higher Pictures, March 23rd - May 4th, 2019

Heidi Norton 

Heidi Norton 

February 16, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

Heidi Norton (American, born 1977, lives NYC) is an artist and writer whose 1970’s upbringing as a child of New Age homesteaders in West Virginia resulted in a strong connection to the land, plant life and nature. Heidi's work intertwines materials such as wax, glass and resin with plant life and organic matter. She received her BFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was a recipient of a residency at Elmhurst Art Museum where her exhibition, Prismatic Nature, a major site responsive exhibition was on view. Her writings and work are included in the Journal for Artistic Research, Grafts by Michael Marder, and newly released, Why Look at Plants ed. by Giovanni Aloi. She was featured in Art21’s Revolution issue Homesteading as Art and Revolution, where she discusses the relationship between her art and culture. Her most recent illustrated essay, The Faceless Plant: A Sketch for Timothy Morton, is in a recent issue of BOMB Magazine.


Heidi worked with plant philosopher Micheal Marder on the study of plants as thinkers and responders and also traveled to Bourges, France to participate in the exhibition Ghost Nature at the National School of the Arts. There she researched the natural water structures, primarily concentrating on the marsh systems. Heidi's work has been included in various national and international solo and group exhibitions. Solo exhibitions include the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Northeastern Illinois University, Monique Meloche Gallery Chicago, among others. Selective group exhibitions include Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, GRIMM NY, the Knitting Factory, Chicago Cultural Center, Ohio State University, Gallery 400 University of Illinois Chicago, La Box Gallery National School of Art France, her most recent being Undulations, as part of “Nature Now” at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, IN. Her work can be found on ArtFair and Studio Archive Project as well as in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Joyce Foundation and numerous private collections. She is an adjunct professor at FIT and International Center of Photography


Artwork image information: 

Heidi Norton

Prisms, site specific installation Ace Hotel, NY, 2019

The Grass is Always Greener, Vinyl coated wallpaper, 180 sq feet, Ed of 4, 2019

Inside Out (Endosymbiosis), Glass, resin, vinyl, photographic prints, mix media, plants, shelf, 62x13x2.5, 2019

Break on Through, Glass, resin, plants wall shelf, 36 x 52, 2019

Michelle Segre

Michelle Segre

March 2, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

Michelle Segre is a multimedia textile sculptor, born in Israel and currently lives and works in New York City. She holds an MFA from the Tyler School of Art in Rome and a BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art. Her sculptures intertwine materials such as metal, yarn, paper, plaster and ephemeral substances such as beeswax, moldy bread and mushrooms, into pieces that suggest the relationship between nature and the universe. Michelle's work has been included in various national and international solo and group exhibitions, her most recent being a solo show at the Lumber Room in Portland, OR. She has been awarded various prestigious grants and fellowships including the Colene Brown Art Prize and the Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. Her work has also been featured in a vast array of publications and public collections at the Colorado University Art Museum in Boulder, Colorado, the Katonah Museum of Art, in Katonah, New York and The Museum of Modern Art, in New York City.

Artwork image information: Michelle Segre, I Talk to the Trees, 2021 Yarns, canvas, muslin, acrylic polymer, wire, thread, sponges, lotus root, rocks 144 x 187 x 33 inches; Photo by Mario Gallucci. Courtesy of the artist and lumber room.

Ludovic Nkoth

Ludovic Nkoth

March 16, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

For the Cameroon-born Ludovic Nkoth, displacement and deferral occupy a familiar place at the margins of the stories he tells. With swirled and meandering brushstrokes, Nkoth’s practice in figurative painting broaches the ongoing negotiation of transatlantic migration--a direct rumination on diaspora history and on his own expatriation to the US at the age of 13. Melding Cameroonian aesthetic motifs and vivid coloration with postcolonial allegory, Nkoth explores the formation and fragmentation of identity. Throughout his work, Nkoth’s figures participate in the fictions and lived experiences that comprise his own identity synthesis; each muddled expression and porous boundary imbues his paintings with the tender incandescence of a distant memory. The navigation of both belonging and outsiderhood in African and American spaces underscores much of Nkoth’s work, and informs the future-building of kinship, solidarity, and self determination that is central to his practice.

Ludovic Nkoth was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1994, and lives and works in New York City. Nkoth completed his BFA at the University of South Carolina, and holds an MFA in painting from Hunter College. Recent solo exhibitions include Don’t Take This Too (2021) at François Ghebaly in Los Angeles, and You Sea Us (2021) at Luce Gallery in Turin. Nkoth was featured in the group exhibition Black Voices/Black Microcosms (2020) at CFHILL Art Space in Stockholm, as well as in group exhibitions at Anthony Gallery, Chicago, and Ross+Kramer, New York. His work is held in the collection of the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. 

Image information: Ludovic Nkoth, Self Portrait

Brian Sanchez

Brian Sanchez

March 23, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

​​Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest in 1984 Sanchez began making art at an early age. Today, Brian currently works and lives in Seattle, Washington practicing as a multi - disciplinary visual artist with a focus in painting, photography, and sculpture. 

Sanchez’s work explores abstraction through stark interplays of shape, color, and contrast, creating dynamics of light and shadow, surface and space that compel attention. Whether in paint, photography, sculpture, or installation, Sanchez uses color as a means to communicate to his viewers. His vibrant palette creates a visual impact that awakens raw emotion and resonates within our inner states of being. Subtly or powerfully contrasting fields of color seemingly vibrate with intensity while near by line sequences and compositional relationships draw the viewer inward. These works examine the complexities of human emotion by inviting a presentness and curiosity from us to surrender and truly experience color.

Artwork image information: Brian Sanchez, Clunker, 2021 40” x 30” Vinyl Emulsion on Canvas

Kylie Lockwood

Kylie Lockwood

April 6, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

Kylie Lockwood (b. 1983, Detroit, MI) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work reconciles the experience of living in a female body with the western history of sculpture. Lockwood received her BFA from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and her MFA from Hunter College in New York. She has been an artist in residence at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Hambidge Center for Arts and Sciences, Offshore Residency, Caldera, and Contemporary Artist Center. Lockwood completed a permanent public sculpture in collaboration with the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Oregon Lewis Integrative Science Building. Her work has been exhibited at Simone DeSousa Gallery, Detroit, MI; PS1 MOMA, Long Island City, NY; Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI; Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn, NY; Lord Ludd, Philadelphia, PA; Synchrotron Radiation Center, Stoughton, WI; Coop Gallery, Nashville, TN; and Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY. Lockwood currently lives and works in Hamtramck, Michigan.

Artwork image information: Kylie Lockwood, Installation image of Becoming a Sculpture, 2019 Porcelain, unfired clay, painted steel and nail polish

Sun Young Kang

Sun Young Kang

April 13, 2022 | 11:45AM - 1PM  

Sun Young Kang mostly uses paper with its duality of strength and delicacy to create physical or metaphorical spaces ranging from large installations to small intimate books. She holds an MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and a BFA in Korean Painting from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea. In her work, she explores the duality fundamental to human existence: of different realities or worlds both in space and time and the tension between them; and of the coexistence of antithetical ideas, how death implies life, how the material realm implies the unsubstantial or nonphysical, and how absence implies presence. Kang has been named as the 2021 University of Alabama in Huntsville Contemporary Art Fellow funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and she is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, along with many other prestigious grants and fellowships. Her work has also been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally at venues including the Whanki Museum in Seoul Korea, the Queens Museum in NY, the Whatcom Museum in WA, and many more. Her work can be found in numerous museums and libraries’ special collections.

Artwork image information: Sun Young Kang, In Between Presence and Absence, II, Ongoing, Handmade paper casting using recycled paper

Stories from the Visiting Artist Program

MFA student Lily Brown hosts a zoom session

"The most important thing I have learned is what it feels like when my voice and decisions have power. The choices Lily, Marley, and I make about who we will invite is a responsibility that far outweighs the administrative work in the background. We are not only representing PAFA and our student body, we are also helping to create the art world we want to be part of." –Kristy Jane (Low-Res MFA '22), VAP coordinator

Claudia Valenti (MFA '20) in her studio

“Visiting artists like Haley Josephs have come into my studio and I lost my mind. It was such an incredible experience; you get a total random chance to meet an artist you’ve been following for years. Usually these programs are not run by students, so it’s really exciting to be able to have that agency in school.” – Claudia Valenti (MFA ’20), previous VAP coordinator