Visiting Artist Program

This student-run program brings an outstanding roster of local, national and international artists to PAFA each semester for lectures, critiques, and workshops. The program exposes students and the public to a range of artistic approaches and fosters discussion about contemporary art and ideas.

VAP Artist Lecture Schedule

All lectures are free and take place from 11:45am - 1pm. Some lectures will be held online and others will be held in person in PAFA's Rhoden Arts Center.  See the Spring 2024 list of artists for more information.  

PAFA students do not need to register for these public programs—check your student email account for invitations to the online lectures. The public may attend by registering through the museum events page.

Catch up on past artist talks by enjoying recordings of last season on our YouTube channel.

Spring 2024 VAP Series

Tamara Torres

Tamara Torres - January 31, 2024

Rhoden Arts Center | 11:45am - 1pm 

Martryce Roach

Martryce Roach - February 14, 2024

Rhoden Arts Center | 11:45am - 1pm


Lily Wong

Lily Wong - February 28, 2024

Online | 11:45am - 1pm


Monica Ikegwu

Monica Ikegwu - March 13, 2024

Rhoden Arts Center | 11:45am - 1pm


Joshua Abelowb

Joshua Abelowb - March 27, 2024

Online | 11:45am - 1pm

Mike Olin

Mike Olin - April 10, 2024

Rhoden Arts Center | 11:45am - 1pm


Catch Up on Some Talks You Missed

Stories from the Visiting Artist Program

MFA student Lily Brown hosts a zoom session

"The most important thing I have learned is what it feels like when my voice and decisions have power. The choices Lily, Marley, and I make about who we will invite is a responsibility that far outweighs the administrative work in the background. We are not only representing PAFA and our student body, we are also helping to create the art world we want to be part of." –Kristy Jane (Low-Res MFA '22), VAP coordinator

Claudia Valenti (MFA '20) in her studio

“Visiting artists like Haley Josephs have come into my studio and I lost my mind. It was such an incredible experience; you get a total random chance to meet an artist you’ve been following for years. Usually these programs are not run by students, so it’s really exciting to be able to have that agency in school.” – Claudia Valenti (MFA ’20), previous VAP coordinator