Summer Academy Scholarships

Scholarships are available for students applying to Summer Academy as part of the application process. 

Only applications submitted before April 10th will be considered for the scholarship. 

Thomas Eakins Emerging Artist Scholarships

Thomas Eakins Emerging Artist Scholarships are merit-based scholarships offering a discount on Summer Academy tuition.  Scholarships are competitive and  award amounts vary.  

  • Applicants who wish to be considered for a Thomas Eakins Emerging Artist Scholarship must apply by April 10th. 
  • All students submitting complete application requirements (registration form, personal statement and portfolio) by April 10th will be automatically included for scholarship consideration.  No additional application form or materials necessary.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on a review of the required portfolio and personal statement.   
  • Scholarship results will be announced by April 24st via emailed letter.  Students will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the scholarship and participation in the program by submitting this deposit payment no later than June 1.  

Need-Based Finacial Aid

There is a limited amount of need-based financial aid available for qualifying students. Students can apply for need-based financial aid by answering the questions regarding income and household size on the program application. Qualifying for need-based financial aid does not guarantee that it will be awarded. Applications must be submitted by April 10th to be considered for an award. No scholaships will be awarded for submissions after April 10th.

If need-based financial aid is awarded, the amount will be based on a simplified version of the Estimated Family Contribution from FAFSA. If awarded, students may be required to verify the income information provided with their tax return. 

Need-based financial aid and the merit-based Thomas Eakins Emerging Artist scholarship are awarded based on two separate systems, and it is possible for students to receive both sources of funding.

If you have questions about either merit-based or need-based aid for Summer Academy, please reach out to or 215-972-7630


Next Steps Scholarship

Next Step Scholarships award $1,000 per year to all Summer Academy alums who enroll in PAFA's BFA program.  Students must note their completion of the Summer Academy program on their PAFA BFA application forms for scholarship awards. 

Contact the Office of Admissions at or 215-972-7625 for more details.

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