Summer Academy

PAFA's flagship pre-college program is an in-person, four-week, college-level art-making experience for talented and motivated high school students at the nation's first and premier school of fine art.

Experience PAFA’s historic campus for this immersive program. Enjoy rigorous courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, digital and traditional illustration taught by PAFA's exceptional faculty of practicing artists. 

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Summer Academy participants have the opportunity to:

  • Get expert guidance from leading artists among PAFA's stellar faculty 
  • Study drawing and three additional concentrations to explore (sculpture, printmaking, oil painting, illustration, or animation)
  • Get a head start on preparing a portfolio for college application
  • Earn 4.0 college credits
  • Present their work in a museum exhibition in PAFA's world-class art galleries
  • Benefit from one-on-one portfolio reviews with the school's admissions staff. 

NOTE: Summer Academy does not offer a residential option for students. Students who live beyond the Greater Philadelphia area are welcome to reach out to with questions. 

Susannah Fishman, former Assistant Director of Education Programs and Professional Development, talks through everything you need to know to apply to Summer Academy:

Developing Artists at Summer Academy

sculpting figure
Teen painting
Sculpting portrait
Cast Drawing

Summer Academy Health Safety

Summer Academy follows Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) guidelines for safe practices at the time of the program.
PAFA has taught the next generation of American artists for over 200 years- through wars, plague, and social upheaval. Throughout this time, PAFA’s unparalleled teaching tradition has enabled students to develop skills to create art that sustains society and points the way towards a better future. We are excited to continue in this tradition for Summer Academy.

If you have questions, please reach out to or 215-972-7630

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