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Laura Wheeler Waring's The Study of a Student

Make My Portrait

Missing friends and family? Tell the world about yourself or someone you admire by making a portrait.

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MI RETRATO en Español

Violet Oakley's Roses in Cogslea Garden

Create Your Own Garden

It's spring now, a perfect time to take inspiration from what grows near home. 

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West End Pond by Elizabeth Osborne, 1973

Lets Go on a Nature Walk

Get inspired by nature and create a landscape painting to capture its beauty.

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Seeing America: Videos for Teaching History with Art (in less than 5 minutes!)

Sue Coe Aids Won't Wait

In Aids won't wait, the enemy is here not in Kuwait, Sue Coe challenges us to consider how we make choices about the use of national resources in moments of crisis. 

Peter Frederick Rothermel De Soto Raising His Cross on the Banks of the Mississippi

In De Soto Raising His Cross on the Mississippi, Peter Frederick Rothermel uses images of Spanish conquest to justify westward expansion of the United States in the 19th century. 

Benjamin West William Penn's Treaty with the Indians

In Penn's Treaty with the Indians, Benjamin West helps to create an American myth about colonialism that endures today. 

Thomas Birch Perry's Victory on Lake Erie

In Perry's Victory on Lake Erie, Thomas Birch captures a critical turning point in the War of 1812 that solidified American geographic, economic and political expansion across the continent.  

Thomas Birch Fairmount Water Works

In Fairmount Water Works, Thomas Birch celebrates the engineering marvel in Philadelphia that provided clean water for public citizens for the first time in history.

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