Family Arts Academy

Free art workshops for families

Whatever shape your family takes, join us and other families to learn about, create, and celebrate art! 

Family Arts Academy invites families to spend Sunday afternoons making art and exploring the Museum together. Bring the whole family to PAFA to enjoy free art workshops led by professional artists, learn new skills, and make a exciting art project.  

In-Person | Selected Sundays 1-3pm* | FREE, including Museum admission | Historic Landmark Building Auditorium  

* Families can come late and leave early; however, we usually do a demo in the first 20 minutes and a closing conversation/share our work in the last 10-15 minutes. 

Registration is recommended to guarantee your spot. See the upcoming workshops and click the event to register!

¡En cualquiera forma o structura de tu familia, acompañenos a crear y celebrar el arte! 

La programa Academia de Arte de Familia te invitas a tu familia en los Domingos por la tarde para un evento de creaciòn y exploracion en el museo nuestro de arte! Traèis toda la familia a PAFA para un taller gratis de arte conducido por artistas profesionales.  Tu y tu familia aprenderà nuevas habilidades y tecnicos, y crear un gran projecto de arte! 

¡La registraciòn es recomendado y gratis! ¡Regresas a esta pagina pronto! 

En persona | Domingos selecionados 1-3 PM | GRATIS, incluido admision al museo | Historic Landmark Building 

Spring 2023 schedule

Jan 22 | Creative Self-portraits

Venture on a journey to make your own mixed-media portrait, inspired by Kehinde Wiley’s painting, Three Wise Men Greeting Entry into Lagos (2008). Following close investigation of Wiley’s use of poses, color, and patterns, create your own portrait with unbounded freedom of expression.

February 19| Felted Abstractions 

Learn to create textile art using the simple tools and safe methods of needle felting. Transform natural wool fibers into colorful abstract images, inspired by art from PAFA’s collection.

March 19| Sculptural Experiments

Celebrate the work of the major African American artist, John Rhoden, by experimenting with air-dry clay to create your own sculptural vision. Have fun combining abstract and realistic elements into unique three-dimensional forms of your own invention.

April 23| Artistic Innovations

Join other families in collaboration on a large-scale installation project inspired by the innovative art from the groundbreaking contemporary exhibition Rising Sun: Artists in an Uncertain America.

May 21| Spring Festival

Join us in celebration of another year of art making at PAFA, with music, food, performances, art-making station, and a raffle for a FREE Summer Art Camp.

Fall 2022 schedule

Oct 2, Sunday 1-3pm | Welcome Back to the Museum! 

Family Arts Academy is back at the museum! Join us in celebrating the return of family workshops at our Historic Landmark Building through creative exploration of the Museum and imaginative art making! Learn the hidden meanings of PAFA’s historic building’s architectural details and visualize your own impressions from the Museum using a variety of printmaking techniques.

Oct 30, Sunday 1-3pm| Halloween Extravaganza

Put your spooky-wacky costume on and join PAFA’S Halloween Celebration. Explore some of the museum’s mysterious artworks; enjoy festive music, décor, and get inspired to create Halloween art as a family.

Dec 4, Sunday 1-3pm | Celebrate Community

Join us in saluting PAFA’s Family with a festive community art project! Explore the unique connections, influences, and art making styles that make the PAFA community such a wonderful place to learn and grow. Participants will create dynamic works of art using various fruits and vegetables! Families will collaborate on a museum mural and will make their own piece of memorable art to bring home.  

Dec 18, Sunday 1-3pm | Winter Holidays Special  

Create festive holiday artwork inspired by the winter season and PAFA’s collection. Enjoy music, fun activities, and create art and memories with your family, friends, and PAFA community.  

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PAFA offers programs for artists and art lovers of all ages and skill levels who want to learn about and make art.