Young Artist Academy

skill-building art classes for youth 10-14

Young Artist Academy

Fundamentals of Art Series

These series of classes are for aspiring young artists looking to master the foundational skills of art making, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, mixed media, and others. Each course focuses on a specific art form and the differentiated learning and student-centered approach make these classes appropriate for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

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Past Classes

Illustration and Comics

Hone your art making skills, focusing on a variety of illustration techniques. The class will embrace out-of-the-box thinking and experimentation with traditional and innovative media, while improving your drawing techniques and discovering the ins and outs of character development, comics creation, poster design, cartooning, and a host of other options within the world of illustration.  Drawing

In this class students will explore a variety of mark-making techniques and media while expanding their drawing skills through personal expression. The use of line, value, and composition are emphasized as the students develop experience with form, texture, and color while utilizing both traditional and abstract methods of drawing. 


Learn the art of motion and explore storytelling techniques with the animation programs, tools, and equipment used by industry professionals!

 This foundational animation class is a great introduction for young artists newly interested in the medium, or a way for those with prior knowledge to continue building their skills. Students will complete numerous projects that concentrate on different skills such as number morphs, walk-cycles, and stop motion that will introduce them to digital art practices and continue to build their traditional drawing foundational skills. Class is designed for like-minded students to make friends and collaborate with each other in a creative setting. Prior animation experience not required, but basic understanding of computers will be needed! 


Embark on a creative journey into the art of painting! Experiment with tools and materials while gaining deeper understanding of color theory and paint application using variety of techniques under the guidance of professional artist-instructor. Discover your own painting style and share it with others


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