Saturday Studio Art Classes for High School Students

Saturday Studio Art Classes are a valuable opportunity for teens to develop the foundational skills that will support them in all their artistic endeavors. Small class sizes taught by our expert artists and educators ensure that students of all skill levels and experience are welcomed and engaged. Open to high school students entering or currently enrolled in grades 9–12.

Teens can choose to take the 10-week courses for 1.0 undergraduate credit at no additional cost.


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Past Courses

The Essentials of Drawing   

This class is for high-school students of all abilities and experience levels from novices to veterans. Students will learn the fundamental principles of drawing and strengthen their observational skills. They will be introduced to a variety of materials and techniques while drawing from still-life, live-figure models, and historic casts. Through these genres, students will deepen their understanding of proportions, perspective, light & shadow, line, tone, and composition. This class will be an opportunity to strengthen essential skills and create outstanding portfolio pieces.

Oil Painting: Portfolio Preparation

Come explore the vibrant possibilities of oil painting through PAFA’s time honored methods. In this course learn materials and techniques including painting supports, brushes, historical and contemporary oil mediums, and their preparations. Discussions and demonstrations will include topics such as paint chemistry, color mixing of prismatic hues and earth tone colors as well as the additive and subtractive color systems. Painting from a variety of subjects including the still life, the cityscape, and nude models will allow for a development and understanding of the two-dimensional visual language.

Fundamentals of Illustration

Learn how to successfully imagine, develop, and execute an illustration! This course will help students gain effective illustration drawing techniques while encouraging their unique artistic visions. Students will learn the fundamental elements of illustration and design, including different applications of composition, line, character design, color, and storytelling.

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Studio art classes and education for high school students to develop their artistic passions and prepare for college.