Zanele Muholi & The Women's Mobile Museum

Exhibition Info
Curated by
Jodi Throckmorton
In partnership with the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Zanele Muholi and ten Philadelphia-based collaborators ask: Whose portraits are shown in museums? Who is art for?

PAFA is proud to present Zanele Muholi & The Women's Mobile Museum, one of four exhibitions of a year-long artist residency connecting acclaimed South African photographer Zanele Muholi, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) with ten Philadelphia women.

The exhibition, which also features new works created in Philadelphia by Muholi and South African teaching artist Lindeka Qampi, challenges the social and economic barriers of the art world while supporting emerging artists and reaching new audiences. Muholi and her collaborators ask, "Whose portraits are shown in museums?" and "Who is art for?"

The ten female poets, photographers, painters, and digital artists have collaborated with each other, Muholi and Qampi to create art reflective of their individual and collective experiences. The PPAC apprenticeship has provided the artists with funding, access to previously unavailable tools and resources, exhibition opportunities, and formal training.

In addition to the works by Muholi and Qampi, this exhibition features work by Afaq, Shasta Bady, Davelle Barnes, Tash Billington, Iris Maldonado, Danielle Morris, Shana-Adina RobertsCarrie Anne Shimborski, Muffy Ashley Torres, and Andrea Walls.


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