Vessel: A Selection of Alumni Artworks from the Collection

Exhibition Info
Historic Landmark Building
Curated by
C.J. Stahl
The artworks in Vessel take the concept of self as their point of departure.

The status of the body is neither overestimated nor reduced but extended in many directions, acting as a container for life force energies, a conduit through which we travel space and time, a unit of measure, a mediator, a flesh machine. The artworks traverse physical planes, the bardo states, and limitless natural forces, while holding onto the physical form like a kite line through which a sense of grounding might again be found.  

Featured artists: Astrid Bowlby, Eiko Fan, Aaron Fowler, Herbert George, Dara Haskins, Jotham Malavé Maldonado, Anne Minich, Kate Moran, Sarah Peters, Huston Ripley


Artwork: Astrid Bowlby (b. 1961). The sea is so wide, and my boat is so small, 2017. Brush, ink, marker, and glitter on paper, Museum Purchase, 2020.3.