TIED/APART: Selected Artwork from the Second Issue of PAFA’s Student-Run Art Journal “Dumb”

Exhibition Info
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
TIED/APART is an extension of the 2nd issue of PAFA' student-run art journal, which considered themes of boundaries, borders, b-words in general, blockages, bypasses, and blinkers. The exhibition features work from current students, recent alumni, and faculty members.

While our 1st issue searched for connection and meaning in our work and feedback, this issue gives attention to the loss and slipperiness between the two. Which two is a question based in relation, and since we already looked for meaning within the content, this time we look for the content of the forms. In other words, we sought out the invisible lines of boundaries and things left unsaid. We wondered how blockages take shape and what is not made explicit in the darkness. A counterpoint to (or escape from) our previous hermeneutic loop, this issue is no longer concerned with knowing what is behind the curtains, but rather, we want to see what the curtains are made of.

Featured Artists: 

Jill Adler (MFA '21), Sallie Aycock-Marshall (Low-Res MFA '21), Christine Belton (Low-Res MFA '21), Graham Cuddy (Certificate), Nicole Donnelly (Faculty), Sarah Lesnikoski (MFA), Nate Levine (MFA), Adriana Lobel (MFA), Nikki Meyer (PAFA/Penn BFA), Dori Miller (MFA '20), Kate Moran (Faculty), Vanessa Pasqualone (BFA), Xiaomei Rosen (MFA), Stuart Shils (Faculty), Lisa Volta (MFA '21), Esten Walker (Low-Res MFA '21), Zach Zecha (MFA '15) 

Nicole Donnelly
Nicole Donnelly (Faculty), "reflection and the real: dreaming of elsewhere", 2021, Handmade flax paper with linen pulp painting
Jill Adler
Jill Adler (MFA '21), "Trying to Remember (Attempting From Scraps)", Digital collage print mounted on wood panel, 2021
Stuart Shils
Stuart Shils (Faculty), "how i remember late summer near marseille 1972", acrylic on panel, 2021
Kate Moran
Kate Moran (Faculty), "almost certain", paint, paper, wood, thread, 2016
Graham Cuddy
Graham Cuddy (Certificate), "Home / Again", photograph, 2020
Adriana Lobel
Adriana Lobel (MFA), "Bird Kiss", matte photo paper, 2021
Zach Zecha (MFA '15), Rubble Fantasy #1, digital photo printed on archival paper, 2021
Zach Zecha (MFA '15), "Rubble Fantasy #1", digital photo printed on archival paper, 2021
Vanessa Pasqualone
Vanessa Pasqualone (BFA), "Unconditionally", oil on canvas, 2021
Christine Belton
Christine Belton (Low-Res MFA '21), "Yet Here I Am", Graphite, Alabama Dirt, and Mod Podge on canvas, 2020