Size Matters...In Art!

Exhibition Info
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
Curated by
Exhibitions and Curatorial Vision Class
For this exhibition, all students were invited to submit artwork of all media that expressed their interpretation of size in art.

How can size impact the message/meaning of your work? According to Artdex, “Ultimately, size in art matters because of its power to impact the way audiences respond. There’s something about large scale objects that affects our visceral senses and emotions, humbling us with a feeling of reverential respect. This is just as true in our wonderment of nature when we stand beside the massive ocean waves or under a towering giant sequoia”.

“There is also a grandeur to smaller artworks. In direct opposition, tiny works of art can also pack a big punch. In opposition to the ‘bigger is better’ culture in today’s modern art world, some artists have chosen to take economy into consideration and focused on not only creating smaller works, but to encourage the idea that humankind can function beautifully on a smaller scale, impacting the world emotionally without as much physical impact. Small scale works confuse and disorient viewers, forcing them to focus on what they are viewing, and creating internal discourse.”

Featured artists: Alexander Aubry (BFA), Eloise Avery (BFA), Margaret Bearse (MFA), Gigi Bennet (MFA), Blue Benét (MFA), Kristina Bickford Denzel (MFA), Maggie Bosco (MFA), Kailey Brown (MFA), Helen Cardamone (MFA), Jason Connor (Post-Bacc), Gabrielle Dobrzelewski (Certificate), Sophronia Eckenrode (Certificate), Jo Eke (MFA), Audrey Fox (MFA), Julio Galvez (MFA), Makenna Glessner (MFA), Maximillian Gurman (Certificate), Anna Hoppel (PAFA/Penn BFA), Sam Kent (BFA), John LaVoice (BFA), Kelly Lawler (MFA), Mercy Lindell (BFA), Grace Meredith (BFA), Nikki Meyer (PAFA/Penn BFA), KC Miller (MFA), Leroy Nunery David III (PostBacc), Hannah Pacitti (BFA), Yujun Pan (MFA), Mark Partridge (Low-Res MFA), Vanessa Pasqualone (MFA), Taylor Pate (MFA), Zhengxin Ran (Certificate), Jazlyne Sabree (MFA), Rachel Saunders (MFA), Meagan Segal (Low-Res MFA), Nastassia Sharanhovich (PAFA/Penn BFA), Blaise Sodano (Low-Res MFA), Jessica Stahl (BFA), Lasha Stewart (MFA), Clair Tenhula (PAFA/Penn BFA), Eric Wagner (BFA), Lava Wu (MFA), Xi Wu (BFA)

The exhibition also features works from the Brodsky Center of PAFA.  

Artwork Image Information: Meagan Segal (Low-Residency MFA), "Look Bottle", porcelain, underglaze, 2022