Pet Dreams: Part II

Exhibition Info
A Juried Exhibition of PAFA Student Artwork Inspired by Pets

On view in the West Lobby of PAFA's Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building, this is the second iteration of the pet-themed exhibition.  All PAFA students were invited to submit artworks inspired by pets.  During recent times of isolation caused by the pandemic, many of us have come to realize the importance of a pet’s companionship. 

Our pet friends have spent much of the past year appearing in our Zoom boxes, using our home art studios as playgrounds, and bringing us joy and comfort when needed the most.  A tribute to all pets, this exhibition showcases a wide scope of furry companions – from playful cats, sleepy dogs, to mischievous hamsters.

Featured Artists: 

Taylor Pate (MFA), Mercy Lindell (BFA), Nicolas Potoskie (BFA), Jasmine Wang (BFA), Anna Hoppel (PAFA/Penn BFA), Eric Wagner (BFA), Anastasia (BFA), Emily Richey (BFA), Jeshima Lee DeVine (BFA), Yiren Zhu (MFA), Ryan O’Laughlin, (Post Bacc), Hunter McKnight (BFA), Vanessa Pasqualone (BFA), Hana Rusi (BFA), Júlia Godoy (BFA), Zahira J. Próspero Molina (MFA), Amber Manoski (BFA), Meghan Oney (BFA), Varvara Mitrofanova (BFA), Heather Palmer (MFA), Prior Reinhardt (BFA), Nat Bombeke (BFA), Celeste Espinosa (BFA), Nastassia Sharanhovich (PAFA/Penn BFA), Leslie Pickel (BFA)

Taylor Pate
Taylor Pate (MFA), "Wild", 2020, Oil on canvas
Eric Wagner
Eric Wagner (BFA), "Jane", 2021, Oil on linen
Varvara Mitrofanova
Varvara Mitrofanova (BFA), "Sleeping Bulldog", 2021, Plaster, acrylic paint, wood
Jasmine Wang
Jasmine Wang (BFA), "Lady", 2021, Digital Painting