Once Upon a Place

Exhibition Info
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
An exhibition of multimedia artworks by PAFA international students from Belarus, China, Dominican Republic, Korea, Russia, and Vietnam

Featured in this exhibition are works of art by PAFA undergraduate and graduate students from different academic areas. While each body of work represents a student’s personal artistic research, the exhibition’s title hints at the shared experience among these artists of uprooting themselves from their respective birth cultures out of their sheer ambition to expand their practice and embrace other expressions. Included in the exhibition, interspersed among the artworks, are also everyday objects belonging to the artists, and books in the their native languages, that evoke the domestic continuum connecting the artists’ past and new lives. The mix of artistic and extra-artistic objects aspires to instill in the museum gallery an experiential dimension that might invite questions around our assumed notions of what is foreign and what is familiar.  

Once Upon a Place includes work by Anastasia Flerova, Kim Jong-mi, Uyen Le, Aimée Liriano, Varvara Mitrofanova, Nastassia Sharanhovich, Lianxun Wang, Xi Wu, and Zihan Zhang.

Artwork image information: 

Aimée Liriano, Kayaking, 2021, ilustración digital en papel (digital print on ppaer), 43 x 28 cm. (17 x 11 inches)