Moe Brooker: The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Exhibition Info
Historic Landmark Building
A selection of work by acclaimed painter and PAFA alumnus Moe Brooker

The Alumni Gallery is pleased to present Moe Brooker: The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

Moe Brooker’s compositions are informed by discovery, invention, and the process of “making visible,” revealing relationships between color and form, emotion and intellect, and faith in the divine and the human condition. He is interested in overlaying fields of space, shapes and calligraphic lines, all unified by a sense of cosmic exuberance.

Listening to jazz and gospel is a part of his daily painting routine, as is returning to his work every day. “When you paint every day there is an understanding of the work, and the painting is receptive. When you step away from a painting for several days and try to return to it, the painting closes," he says. "You’ve got to work very hard to open that painting up so that it’s receptive again.”

Opening reception : February 9, 2012, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.