Make Me a Summary of Us

Exhibition Info
PAFA students reflect and respond to the work of artist Rina Banerjee and themes of "Rina Banerjee: Make Me a Summary of the World."

Make Me a Summary Of Us reflects on the exhibition, Rina Banerjee: Make Me a Summary of the World, currently on view, while highlighting the PAFA student body and their work. This is the first exhibition in the Anne Bryan Gallery, located in the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building.

This exhibition was juried by Rina Banerjee, PAFA's Curator of Contemporary Art Jodi Throckmorton, and MFA chair Didier William. Make Me a Summary of Us features the work of PAFA students Jessica Aquino, Autumn Casey, Callie Coccia, Bernadette Colburn, Mel Delach, Samantha Dominik, Abby Dudley, Rhona Hofmeyr, Sarena Johnson, Silas McDonough, Addison Namnoum, Esai Alfredo Figueroa Ruiz, Rebecca Segall, Katrina Simonsen, Ryan Tillman, Claudia Valenti, and Nhi Vo.

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