Ghost in the Machine: Video in the Realm of Objects

Exhibition Info
Curated by
C.J. Stahl
Moving images and paintings by David Dempewolf '98, Alexandria Douziech '14, Tyler Kline '11, and Ashley Wick '13.

The Alumni Gallery at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts presents the works of David Dempewolf, Alexandria Douziech, Tyler Kline, and Ashley Wick in GHOST IN THE MACHINE: Video in the Realm of Objects. Subjective worlds of experience, love stories, wandering thoughts, and ruminations on the self and civilization manifest as moving images and moving paintings. Like apparitions, these active, illuminated images haunt the sculpture and installation they live inside or project onto. While the works diverge in their content, they share in their use of video as sculptural and spatial effect, recalling an important work in PAFA’s museum collection - David Lynch’s Six Figures Getting Sick.

David Dempewolf (Cert ‘98) is a Philadelphia-based artist whose video works have explored subjects in history, music, time travel, and vision. His animated images move with captured film and built environments recalling daydreams and nightmares. In the continuous effort to move outside his personal formulas for creation, Dempewolf is a serial collaborator working with many visual and performing artists in ongoing projects. His recent projects have included collaborations with the jazz musician Jason Moran, and Imaginary Texture of the Real, a solo show at East River Painters in Long Island City, Queens, NY. Dempewolf is also the co-director of Marginal Utility gallery in Philadelphia.

Alexandria Douziech (BFA ‘14) is a Los Angeles-based artist working in documentary film, drawing, sculpture, and installation. Her stories of family, work, and place offer an intimate account of the material effects of colonial legacies and capitalism. Douziech’s research based explorations use object-making and documentation as the primary means for confronting the monolithic challenge of structural inequality. Douziech is a recent graduate of the MFA program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Tyler Kline (MFA ‘11) is a Philadelphia-based multimedia artist whose works make use of base materials and alchemical processes to translate the chaos of everyday stimulus into the universal. Kline’s videos, installations, and sculptures propose alternate structures of reality where logic is thrown out, and a direct experience with the unknown becomes possible. His use of the moving image often incorporates both digital and analogue maneuvers, transposing the space of one into the other - sometimes resulting in a physical object. Kline’s recent projects have included Geistdenkenheit, a 2017 solo show at the Esther Klein Gallery, and The Golgi Apparatus, an upcoming solo exhibition, April 6 - 28, 2018, at Grizzly Grizzly gallery in Philadelphia.

Ashley Wick (MFA ‘13) is an artist currently living and working in Nome, Alaska. Her animated paintings of intimate exchanges with the self and others are sincere, lyrical, and mysterious. A sing-song lightness in these works find their compliment in the heavy interior space of the subject and the object on view. Ashley’s use of monitors embedded in sculptures cement the implied narratives of love and life into a realm of mythological origin. Wick’s recent projects have included I, YOU, WHO, ME, a 2017 three person show at Spring/Break Art Show in NYC which then traveled to Auburn University in Alabama, and We Are Having A Personal Experience, a 2018 solo show at Galerie Charlot in Paris.

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Opening Reception: Friday, April 20, 2018, 5:00-7:00 PM
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