Fourth Wall Panel Review 2020

Exhibition Info
Online exhibition of MFA Students Rachel D'Angelo and Shannon Murphy, who were selected by the 13th Annual Fourth Wall panelists.

Each year the Graduate Program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts brings together a panel of distinguished artists, curators, and writers to consider work submitted by MFA thesis students in PAFA's program.  This year's 13th annual event panelists were Zoë Charlton, Alex Paik, and Jason Stopa.  

Meant to collapse the wall between artists and the procedures that determine their opportunities, the panel concludes with each panelist selecting two outstanding students whose work shows great professional promise.  This year, Charlton, Paik, and Stop each selected Rachel D'Angelo and Shannon Murphy from the class of 2021 submissions for this exhibition.  

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Rachel D'Angelo

Rachel D'Angelo_$99.99
$99.99, 2020, Magazine, photographs, found objects, stamped lined paper, 37" x 34"
Rachel D'Angelo_Framing Consciousness
Framing Consciousness, 2019, Vinyl and bed frame, 70" x 50" x 4"
Rachel D'Angelo_Bumper Loom
Bumper Loom, 2019, Car bumper with bolts and yarn, 38" x 26" x 10"
Rachel D'Angelo_The Universe in an Oven
The Universe in an Oven, 2019, Oven door, aluminum sheets, mirrors, spinning toys, baking tray, 37" x 30" x 18

Shannon Murphy

Shannon Murphy_Frog Eyes
Frog Eyes, 2019, Acrylic, oil, spray paint, found fabric, ceramic eyes on canvas
Shannon Murphy_Trash Jacket
Trash Jacket, 2020, Garment sewn with found objects and fabrics. Worn by Olive Guerra, photographed by Gabriela Guerra in Arizona. Dimensions variable.
Shannon Murphy_Waiting (For It to Pass or for Something to Happen)
Waiting (For It to Pass or for Something to Happen), 2019, Vertical blinds, spray paint, 84" x 78"
Shannon Murphy_Desire to be Brave
Desire to be Brave, 2019-2020, Crochet (cotton cord), velvet, fringe, fake leaves, quilt batting, fabric dye, plywood, 33" x 22"