Final Project(ions)

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Expanded Video Class, Spring 2022
Final Project(ions) is a collaborative final project produced by PAFA’s Expanded Video class featuring the work of Margaret Bearse, Gigi Bennett, Kristina Denzel Bickford, Kailey Brown, Katherine Burgess, David Dempewolf, Jenn Gulgren, Micah Lockman-Fine, Heather Palmer, Yujun Pan, Marley Parsons, Erik Peterson, Xiaomei Rosen, Eva Samuels and Athena Scott.

The title of the work acknowledges that this is a final assignment but also points to the fact that the projectors themselves are tired and have a strong yellow tint. Welcoming this challenge, the class produced video clips that function well with the duotone limitations of the projectors.      

Loosely working with the theme of Night & Day, the class produced short videos that reflect and respond to the changing world around us. Moving images of flora and fauna, water, fashion, skylines, the moon, street views and static shine upon the facade of PAFA’s Historic Landmark Building presenting multiple perspectives that express care and concern for the current state of the world and our shared future.

Image by Gigi Bennett.