Drawn from Wood: Woodcuts by Dan Miller

Exhibition Info
Works by a master of woodblock printing and a member of PAFA's faculty for over 50 years

Opening reception: February 8, 5-7 p.m.

Dan Miller believed as a child that people wore masks, which they removed nightly to reveal their true selves. At the time he was fearful of what that truth might uncover, but later realized that the probing eye could achieve such an unveiling. Faces are perpetually among us, but some faces challenge more deeply than others. 

It has been important for Miller to believe that individual truths can be put to the cause of art. In view of the human complexity -- mysterious, profound, endless -- it seems such a direct and essential act to lift the essential person from the stark simplicity of a pine board.

Miller looked for inspiration along the way buy the work of artists who serves as guides: the sobering depth of Eakins, the honest appraisals of Antonio Frasconi and Leonard Baskin, and the many relentless German artists who left little of human nature unrevealed.

He became attracted to printmaking because drawing there can be so effectively practiced. It also seemed inspiring to him that neutral surface, if given conviction, can become empowered.

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