Art from Art: A Juried Exhibition of PAFA Student Artwork Inspired by Art

Exhibition Info
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
For the exhibition "Art from Art", all currently enrolled PAFA students were invited to submit artwork of any medium inspired by art.

Looking at the work of other artists for inspiration is often what fuels our artistic practices and can lead to the development and understanding of our own unique, artistic perspectives and styles.  From direct master copies, abstract renderings of representational ones, to objects made in the manner of another artwork, the pieces in the exhibition demonstrates a diverse scope of being inspired by other art.   

Featured Artists: 

Alexander Aubry (BFA), Ana Grace Neifeld (BFA), Anna Hoppel (PAFA/Penn BFA), Amanda Wong (BFA), Brianna Karabell (BFA), Chesley Ledesma (BFA), Emily McLaughlin (BFA), Eric Wagner (BFA), Erik Peterson (MFA), Eva Samuels (BFA), Gabrielle Dobrzelewski (Certificate), Gigi Bennett (MFA), Grace Humphries (MFA), Heather Palmer (MFA), Jake Weiss (BFA), Jenn Gulgren (MFA), Júlia Godoy (BFA), Kelly Jean Lawler (MFA), Kristina Denzel Bickford (MFA), Liam Murphy Torres (BFA), M.K. Siriotis (BFA), Madeline Good (BFA), Marley Edelman (BFA), Marley Massey Parsons (MFA), Milan Rodin Michaud (BFA), Paula Diekmann (BFA), Prior Reinhardt (BFA), Rebecca Giles (BFA), Ryan O'Laughlin (Post Bacc), S. Rossini (MFA), Sofia Sierra (BFA), Storm Brewer (BFA), Taylor Freeman (BFA), Taylor Pate (MFA), Vanessa Pasqualone (BFA), Varvara Mitrofanova (BFA), Xi Wu (BFA), Yiren Zhu (MFA)

Varvara Mitrofanova (BFA), "Stairway to Heaven"
Varvara Mitrofanova (BFA), "Stairway to Heaven", resin, acrylic painting, wood, 2020
Inspired by Mike Brodie, "Untitled", Nikon F3
Inspired by Mike Brodie, "Untitled", Nikon F3
Jake Weiss (BFA), “And Elvex Was No More”
Jake Weiss (BFA), “And Elvex Was No More”, graphite on bristol, 10”x14” 2020
Inspired by William Dobell, "Young Man Sleeping” oil, 1935
Inspired by William Dobell, "Young Man Sleeping” oil, 1935
Heather Palmer
Heather Palmer (MFA), “Seyffert’s Screen in Color,” Polaroid Film, 4” x 3”, 2020
Inspired by Leopold Seyffert, "Lacquer Screen"
Inspired by Leopold Seyffert, "Lacquer Screen", oil on canvas, 1917