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PAFA Youth Council Presents a Workshop for Teens: Health and Humanity in Visual Art

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Kristina Murray
Aids won't wait, the enemy is here not in Kuwait by Sue Coe

Join PAFA’s Youth Council for this inventive workshop for and by teens to learn about a variety of artistic creations and movements that arise and explode during trying times. High school students can explore the many epidemics -- both literal and figurative -- that plague society. From grand history paintings depicting the Black Plague to Marcel Duchamp’s non-conforming dadaism to poignant artworks created during the AIDS crisis, teens will discuss powerful works of art that share one common trait -- to serve as a creative outlet for processing collective tragedy and reflecting our shared humanity.

This teen workshop will feature both lecture and an art-making exercise inspired by the artists and movements discussed. Please have simple drawing materials prepared (paper, pencils, colored pencils/markers, etc.)