Vibrant Surprises

Exhibition Info
Historic Landmark Building
Curated by
PAFA Youth Council
Vibrant Surprises is a Collections Focus of works from PAFA’s permanent collection curated by PAFA’s Youth Council.

Vibrant Surprises was a collection of works from PAFA’s permanent collection curated by PAFA’s Youth Council. They spent the fall of 2015 researching the museum’s extensive painting archives and speaking with artists and curators to learn more about the process of creating an exhibition. Narrowing down their choices to 13 pieces was immensely difficult, but they went with work that spoke to them in terms of color, subject matter, and style. 

Vibrant Surprises, which celebrates the bold and unexpected, was exhibited in the Historic Landmark Building’s from December 2, 2015 - January 3, 2016. 

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