Summer Shorts

Exhibition Info
Julien Robson, Curator of Contemporary Art
A selection of video works by Philadelphia-based artists.

Summer Shorts featured a selection of video works by artists from Philadelphia. Each of the seven works was shown continuously in the Morris Gallery for one week. During the final week of the series, all seven works were shown consecutively in a video loop ("Summer Shorts REDUX"). The exhibition’s purpose was to give audiences an opportunity to sample some of the video art being made by artists in this city.

August 18–23, 2009 Andrew Brehm, Venezuela (2009)
August 25–30, 2009 Roxana Pérez Méndez, De Noche Sueño Contigo (2006/2009)
September 1–6, 2009 Nicholas Salvatore, The Rockstar Diaries: Two Thousand Myspace Photos in Beijing (2009)
September 8–13, 2009 Jack Sloss, Shed (2002)
September 15–20, 2009 Andrew Suggs, Dark Side (2006/2009)
September 22–27, 2009 Dan Murphy, I Do This (2009)
September 29–October 4, 2009 Jenny Lynn, It’s a Sign (2009)
October 6–13, 2009 Summer Shorts REDUX