Sculpture Exhibition

Exhibition Info
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
Curated by
BFA Student John LaVoice
A showcase of sculptural works by PAFA students and alumni

This student-curated Sculpture Exhibition invited all students to submit works for a sculpture-focused pop-up exhibition.  The show demonstrates the range in material usage and a variety of conceptual approaches that are explored across programs at PAFA.  

Featuring work by: Kristina Bickford, Robert Cody, Nikki Meyer, Arnab Gan Choudhury , Jeshima Devine, Ashley Feldman, Vavara Fern, Julio Galvez, Robert Jaffe, Monica Kane, John LaVoice, Kelly Lawler, Constance Pappas, Zhengxin Ran, Xiaomei Rosen, Sophia Seirra, Lasher Stewart, Lily Tucker, Eric Wagner