James Havard: Talking in Color

Exhibition Info
Figurative works incorporating realism, trompe l'œil and more

PAFA alumnus James Havard (Cert. '67, b. 1937) has been making paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures for over five decades. Over the course of his career Havard has moved through various pictorial languages; ranging from realism, trompe l’œil “abstract illusionism," and mixed media collage to his current figurative work. His exuberant, expressive, process-driven paintings are spirited and deceptively simple.

In Talking in Color, a selection of Havard's current figurative works celebrate his recent return to Philadelphia after several decades spent living in New Mexico. While Havard often uses traditional, earth tones, he includes—in his words "fun colors"—such as Dianthus pink. His choices are intuitively-driven and direct, delivering playful and mysterious open-ended narratives.

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Opening Reception: Friday, April 20, 2018, 5:00-7:00 PM
Join PAFA as we celebrate the opening of James Havard's Talking In Color.