Emil Lukas

Exhibition Info
Curated by
Jodi Throckmorton, Curator of Contemporary Art
Exploring the moment suspended between seeing and understanding what is being seen

Emil Lukas explores the moment that is suspended between seeing and understanding what is being seen. His Morris Gallery exhibition presents two facets of his work on visual perception: a selection of his “thread paintings" and a sculpture that represents an exciting new direction for his work.

Lukas creates radiant fields of atmospheric color by criss-crossing layers of thread over a shallow wooden tray. He builds the voids at the center of these pieces through the improvisational selection of compatible and contrasting colors. It is only upon close examination that the viewer comprehends that Lukas is creating these optical wonders with thread. Similarly, a larger-than-life interactive sculpture disorients and reveals the way the eye comprehends three-dimensional form. 

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