Education Makes Me a Modern Girl

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Curated by
PAFA Youth Council
A Collections Focus of works from the Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women, curated by PAFA's Youth Council

This Collections Focus of works from the Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women is curated by PAFA’s Youth Council. The 11 teens on the Youth Council come from various area high schools and worked as a group to consider over 100 works for inclusion in Education Makes Me a Modern Girl. Their choices feature a range of media, subject matter and styles reflecting what interests them most about the collection—its diversity of perspectives. The choice of title references a song and book by Carrie Brownstein, currently a favorite author and musician of their generation, and underscores their belief in the importance of seeking and exploring difference. 

Education Makes Me a Modern Girl is on view April 27, 2016 - October  9, 2016.

2015/2016 Youth Council Members

Kiersten Bond       
Tiara Crosby         
Alyssa Davidson   
Elliot Grant           
Emma Grugan      
Rita Scheer
Paul Seggev
Walker Spalek
Isaiah Taliaferro
Samuel Tejada
Cathy Yang

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