Capacity of Color

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Exhibitions and Curatorial Visions Class
PAFA's Exhibitions and Curatorial Visions Class puts on Capacity of Color.

Opening Reception: April 5th 5-7

The Capacity of Color is a student-curated exhibition of sculpture, site-specific installation, painting, drawing, printmaking, and works on paper from the Brodsky Center. This exhibition deals with 2D and 3D works that communicates the language of color in terms of the optical, the symbolic, the aggressive, the delicate, and the tactile. This grouping of work pushes the boundaries of the capacity of color in an expansive and exciting way.

Exhibiting artists include:

  • Alicia Greco
  • Ashley Garner
  • Bernadette Colburn
  • Byron Kim
  • Claire Tenhula
  • Emma Keller
  • Iris Padilla
  • Isabelle Schipper
  • Jessica Aquino 
  • JP Calabro
  • Kelly Micca
  • Kemeys Goethe
  • Kiki Smith
  • Nasir Young
  • Neill Catangay
  • Rebecca Giles
  • Sally Richards
  • Shane Lowder
  • Suji Kanneganti
  • Jiatong Tian