Brute Reason

Exhibition Info
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
Brute Reason brings together a small selection of works from the first issue of a newly founded student-run art journal, which called for art of any form from our entire community.

As art students, we learn to grapple with questions of meaning through our work and speech, and we are challenged by the feedback elicited from our critics and peers. This process triggers reflection for a better understanding of not just ourselves, but of the whole of life that raises questions in the first place. This hermeneutical loop refers to the idea that the understanding of text as a whole can be interpreted by referring to the individual parts, and in turn, understanding of the individual parts can be understood by referring to the whole. 

The intention of the art journal was to create a platform that, by placing seemingly disparate pieces alongside each other, could overcome some distance between them. The works once embedded within our institution were placed on pages inside a book, and this exhibition has taken them out into physical space for further interpretation. Text becomes an object by which the reader is confronted, just as visual art demands of its viewers, to engage with one another in the act of meaning and being.

Exhibiting Artists: 

Christine Belton (Low-Res MFA)

Sarah Butler (MFA)

Maggie Delaney (BFA)

Mary Beth Drabiszczak (BFA)

Taylor Freeman (BFA)

Abbey Lakey (BFA)

Sarah Lesnikoski (Low-Res MFA)

Adriana Lobel (BFA)

Sallie Marshall (Low-Res MFA)

Heather Palmer (MFA)

Esten Walker (Low-Res MFA)

Sallie Marshall
Sallie Marshall (Low-Res MFA), "It’s in the Cards", 2019, Acrylic on found board
Abbey Lakey
Abbey Lakey (BFA), "Counting", 2020, Knitted cotton, wire, and thread
Taylor Freeman
Taylor Freeman (BFA), "Pink Favelas", 2020, Digital Sculpture
Sarah Lesnikoski
Sarah Lesnikoski (Low-Res MFA), "Hackman", 2020-21, Oil on wood
Sarah Butler
Sarah Butler (MFA), "Garden Variety I", 2020, Acrylic on paper mounted on high gloss paper
Sarah Butler
Sarah Butler (MFA), "Engulfed", 2020, Acrylic and charcoal on paper