In Person Summer Art Camp Schedule

For ages 5-14

Camp 2023 Schedule, by age groups

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Ages 5-6

Dinosaur Galore (Week 1, 6/26-6/30)

Stomp, roar, and fly into a week of fun dinosaur themed art making!

Elemental Art (Week 2, 07/03-07/07, no camp on July 4th)

Earth, water, air, and fire come together in this art-making camp focusing on the world around us, with inspiration from the new Pixar movie, Elemental.

Pets and Critters (Week 3, 07/10-07/14)

Puppies, tigers, frogs, and birds - explore a variety of creative and artistic ways to celebrate different pets, animals, and critters.

Imagination Creations (Week 4, 07/17-07/21)

Calling all artists and imagineers! Make fantastical and whimsical art using the power of your imagination and unexpected art materials.

Circus of Art (Week 5, 07/24-07/28)

Gather round the big top for a week of clowny, zany, and colorful artmaking inspired by the acts, characters, and animals of the circus.

Troll-O-Rama (Week 6, 07/31-08/04)

Celebrate who you are and find your inner happiness, while making troll-tastic art inspired by the music, colors, and shine of the wondrous world of the Trolls movies.

 Flip, Twist, and Spin (Week 7, 08/07-08/11)

Trains, planes, and whirligigs! Make art inspired by all things moving, mechanical, and kinetic.

Ages 7-8

Magic Academy (Week 1, 6/26-6/30)

Abracadabra! Alakazam! Calling all magical artists to create enchanting creatures, master illusions, and make tricks-of-the-eyes all while having fun, making friends, and exploring the magical world of art.

Monsters and Supers (Week 2, 07/03-07/07, no camp on July 4th)

Discover your superpowers of art making as you portray your favorite monsters and superheroes or create new ones! Explore a variety of marvelous techniques and materials in this super fun week of creativity and play.

Art Detectives (Week 3, 07/10-07/14)

Put your detective hat on and investigate the secrets of the Museum and of art making. Discover stories, secret messages, and clues held by paintings and sculptures and create your own fantastic art mysteries.

Lego-tastic Art (Week 4, 07/17-07/21)

Think outside of the “block”! Draw, paint, stamp, build, and play with Legos in new and unexpected ways making art inspired by all things Lego.

Puppet, Muppets, and Marionettes (Week 5,07/24-07/28)

Strings, shadows, socks, and sticks - learn the art of puppetry! Make all kinds of puppets, create theatrical designs and props, and enjoy a week of collaborative playing and performing with friends.

Color Chemistry (Week 6, 07/31-08/04)

Discover the magical qualities of color! Invent insane color combinations while exploring how science and art can combine to make some phenomenal and unexpected art projects.

Paint Adventures (Week 7, 08/07-08/11)

Get creative and get messy with surprising tools and materials as well as classical methods of painting! Make exciting projects that will teach you the ins and outs of the art of painting and propel your creativity!

Ages 9-11

Intro to Drawing (Week 1, 6/26-6/30)

Enhance your drawing skills as you practice mark-making techniques with an expanse of materials. Discover the importance of observation and attention to detail all while diving into the intricacies of design and composition.

Intro to Comics (Week 2, 07/03-07/07, no camp on July 4th)

Bring your favorite characters and stories to life and expand your drawing and visual storytelling skills. Design your own heroes and villains and create an eye-catching cover for your own comic book.

MARVELous Art (Week 3, 07/10-07-14)

Make friends and make art inspired by your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe! Sculpt draw and paint a multiverse of fantastic art inspired by your favorite movies, comics, or game!

Intro to Painting (Week 4, 07/17-07/21)

Embark on a creative journey into the art of painting! Learn about tools and materials and discover the foundations of color-mixing, form, and value. Explore a variety of painting techniques and share your discoveries with likeminded campers.

Art and Animals (Week 5, 07/24-07/28)

Learn to make art of your favorite animals and critters! Sculpt, paint, and draw all week-long finding inspiration from PAFA’s historical galleries and real-life animals.

Intro to Animation (Week 6, 07/31-08/04)

Bring your drawings and sculptures to life! This camp will introduce a variety of animation techniques using PAFA’s state-of-the-art digital facilities and traditional methods of animation. With the newly learned tools and techniques campers can continue animating at home!

Printmaking 101 (Week 7, 08/07-08/11)

Stamp, carve, and print as you explore the many ways to transfer and multiply images! From traditional block printing to experimental one-of-a-kind methods, this camp provides a fun and engaging print-making experience.

Ages 12-14

Digital Drawing and Painting (Week 1, 6/26-6/30)

Explore how to translate your painting and drawing skills to a digital space! Using PAFA’s state-of-the-art digital facilities and equipment learn to create a variety of digital art forms as you build skills and confidence in using Adobe programs, drawing tablets, and more!

Drawing (Week 2, 07/03-07/07, no camp on July 4th)

Develop your drawing skills by mastering light, shadow, contour, texture, and other drawing techniques. Learn from the great draftsmen represented in PAFA’s collection and develop confidence in capturing likeness, creating naturalistic effects, and playing with illusionistic tricks. 

Painting Foundations (Week 3, camp I; 07/10-07-14)

Try your hand with acrylics, watercolors, and temperas. Explore color theory, brush tricks, and nature or perception as you develop and enhance your painting skills.

Illustration and Comics (Week 3, camp II; 07/10-07-14)

Hone your comic and illustration art making skills, while improving your drawing techniques and discovering the ins and outs of character development, comics creation, poster design, and more.

Build Your Portfolio (Week 4, camp I; 07/17-07-21)

Master the secrets of observational drawing and painting while strengthening and diversifying your skills and types of materials. Have fun learning cool tips and tricks of life-like representation and start building a strong academy-level portfolio.

Graphic Novels (Week 4, camp II; 07/17-07-21)  

Join the generations of artists telling stories using sequential images. Develop, draw, and visualize your own story with innovative layout styles and techniques.

Animal Art (Week 5, camp I; 07/24-07/28)

Learn to represent animals inspired by the animal art masters at PAFA’s collection and from observing real animals. Advance your ability to include animals in your art in a variety of styles with the help of live furry models.

Experimental Sculpture (Week 5, camp II; 07/24-07/28)

Build, model, and create sculptures inspired by the remarkable exhibition “Rising Sun” (on view during camp). Campers will use a variety of tools and exciting techniques to bring their ideas to three-dimensional life!

Paint Extravaganza (Week 6, 07/31-08/04)

Dive into a variety of painting media, deepen your knowledge of color theory, learn exciting brush tricks, and investigate the nature of perception as you develop your painting skills.

Animation (Week 7, 08/07-08/11)

Make sculptures and drawings dance and move! Discover the secrets of essential animation skills and collaborate with other campers in bringing original artwork to life.

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