Portrait of Kathy Change

Anthony Campuzano

Campuzano has appropriated text from a flyer written by the late Philadelphia utopian radical performance artist, Kathy Change, and has transformed it into a work of art that resembles the look of urgent tabloid headlines, protest posters, or even children's art. The various type sizes and 'blockiness' of letter forms seem to imply the cadence and urgency of a political speech. The 'cut-up' style- the letter forms are drawn on pieces of colored construction paper-also has the look of a ransom note, adding to the urgency of the message. The obsessive quality of the presentation-Campuzano's 'horror vacuui' as well as the manner in which the content drifts from rational to irrational reasoning-also shares kinship with outsider art.
Date of Birth
(b. 1975)
Collage paper, colored pencil and marker on illustration board
22 x 30 in. (55.88 x 76.2 cm.)
Accession #
Credit Line
Contemporary Art Development Fund

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