Philadelphia Prototype 2002

Robert Ryman

"Philadelphia Prototype," consists of ten buff-colored vinyl sheets attached to the wall with white acrylic paint. In the execution of the work, the panels are attached to the wall with multiple pieces of blue, half-inch masking tape placed perpendicular to the four edges of each panel at irregular intervals; two parallel vertical strips of clear, half-inch wide "magic" tape are each positioned roughly four inches in from both sides and run off the edge at top and bottom. Once the panels are mounted, they are each painted in a succession of multidirectional strokes with a three-inch brush; the brush is made to exceed the edges by roughly one inch all around, creating a halo or border of pigment on the wall. In the process, pieces of tape are removed, and others added; when all the tape is finally eliminated, it leaves behind areas that reveal the various layers of pigment down to the vinyl. Ultimately, the panels are held to the wall by the adhesive properties of the paint alone.
Date of Birth
Acrylic on vinyl sheets and wall
23 7/8 x 23 7/8 in. (60.6425 x 60.6425 cm.), each
Accession #
Credit Line
Alexander Harrison Fund

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