Searching for Home: Humaira Abid

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Rhoden Arts Center
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
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PAFA Members: Free. Also free for The Center for Art in Wood Members
Abby King
Searching for Home, 2016-17 Pine wood, carved; red wood stain

Artist Humaira Abid’s life and passion has been to use her artistic language to expose taboos and their harmful effects on society. In her current exhibition at the Center for Art in Wood, Abid transports visitors into a concurrent reality, one in which tens of millions of people worldwide have had to flee their homes, a troubling narrative she conveys through a collection of carvings and paintings. In conversation with Artistic Director Jennifer-Navva Milliken and Curator of Contemporary Art Jodi Throckmorton, Abid will highlight how contemporary artists can engage with tradition while also subverting it to address societal problems, taboos, stereotyping, and oppression.