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Legacies of Black American Artists

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Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
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Lori Waselchuk
Mixed media painting by Nina Chanel Abney entitles, "Potato, Potata"

Join us for an exciting new tour that honors the important legacies of Black American artists whose works are currently on view at PAFA in Making American Artists: Stories from PAFA, 1776-1976 and Negotiating Grids. Dennis Robinson, PAFA's Visitor Experience Supervisor, will guide you on a close-looking tour of paintings and sculptures by great American artists – historical and contemporary – including Henry O. Tanner, Barkley L. Hendricks, Horace Pippin, Edward L. Loper, Laura Wheeler Waring, and Nina Chanel Abney. Since the mid-1800's, PAFA has educated and exhibited artwork by Black artists and the museum's permanent collection contains approximately 850 works by Black artists. This gallery walkthrough will highlight PAFA’s legacy as well as its continuing role in shaping Black American art of the twenty-first century.

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Image: Nina Chanel Abney (1b. 1982), Potato, Potata, 2015, Unique ultrachrome pigmented print, spray paint, acrylic on canvas, 86 x 112 in. (218.44 x 284.48 cm.), Museum Purchase, 2016.