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The Figure as a Point of Departure Workshop (Online)

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Allison Syvertsen
Dark abstract painting with silhouettes of human figures

This workshop is not about the traditional way of painting the figure. If you are tired of getting lost in the details and traditional modes of representational painting, and you want to take a risk by exploring new ways of expressing the human form, this class is for you. Paint and draw the human figure in a looser and more expressionistic contemporary manner.  Refine your painting skills to create a lively surface which will be considered a playground for intuitive creativity, technique, and skill.  Expert instruction and advice from the instructor will push students to explore new possibilities and work more intuitively, allowing unplanned marks and passages to become artistic breakthroughs. Boldly dive into a territory where accident and recklessness are opportunities. Establish pictorial unity through visual metaphor and focal points, and explore the power of using “active” and “quiet” areas. PowerPoint presentations and examples of contemporary ways of using the figure will enhance your understanding of the abstract qualities of space, line and color. Open to all levels: You do not have to have extensive experience with painting the figure in order to be creative and make successful paintings. 

Image: Kassem Amoudi, Song of the Reed

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