Dona Duncan

Continuing Education Instructor
Donna Duncan
Degree Program
Continuing Education

Dona Duncan is a registered art therapist, practicing artist, and PAFA docent.  She holds a degree in Art Therapy from Hahnemann Medical College, with comprehensive study of psychology as well as art training at PAFA.  She has been on staff and started art therapy programs at hospitals in the Philadelphia area including Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital and Belmont Behavioral Health Hospital, and has worked with clients at New York University.  She has worked extensively with seniors experiencing memory loss, and those suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction and emotional/mental issues.  In her classes, Dona creates a safe, comfortable environment with humor and warmth, and without pressure.

Dona Duncan teaches courses in drawing and painting with an emphasis on mindfulness for the Continuing Education program.

Dona Duncan, oil portrait