The painting program at PAFA encourages imagination and creativity through skills-based training and aesthetic understanding.

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The Painting program at PAFA encourages imagination and creativity through skills-based training and critical and aesthetic understanding.

Students explore themes in observational painting, classical representation, abstraction and conceptual approaches through a wide variety of classes that include still-life, landscape, figure painting, and non-representational modes of working.

As they move through the program, students are encouraged to develop their own voice and personal interests. At the advanced level, all students receive a private studio and work with personal mentors and critics.

Workshops and critiques with visiting artists further artistic development and prepare students for professional painting careers. In the Annual Student Exhibition, students mount a professional-quality show of their work.


Al Gury (Chair)
Jan Baltzell
Anthony Ciambella
Patrick Connors
Peter Van Dyck
Renee P. Foulks
Michael Gallagher
Neysa Grassi
Doug Martenson
Scott Noel
Carolyn Pyform
Jill Rupinski
Bruce Samuelson
Bill Scott
Stuart Shils
Patricia Traub


All advanced BFA students are provided with studio working space. Students have 24-hour access to the studios, which are maintained in a facility with safety and security features.

The Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building has outstanding facilities for drawing and painting, include two skylit studios, a number of large painting classrooms, drawing studios and painting studios, and a rooftop terrace often used for cityscapes. 

Cast drawing classes and life drawing classes are held in the breathtaking cast halls of the Historic Landmark Building. These six studios have 20-foot vaulted ceilings and skylights with northern exposure. PAFA’s famous cast collections of antique and Renaissance sculpture have been part of the curriculum for nearly 200 years.

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Painting Facilities, Studios and Classrooms

  • Windowed Studio, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building

    Windowed Studio, Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building