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Signs, Symbols & Architecture - Tour and Rooftop Reception

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Tour begins at the Masonic Temple, moves to the Historic Landmark Building, and concludes with a reception in PAFA's Rooftop Terrace.
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Lori Waselchuk
A composite of two color photographs showing aspects of architecture at the Masonic Temple and PAFA. The photo on the left shows the elaborate front entrance of the Masonic Temple, an the photo on the right is an interior of the Historic Landmark Building showing the Washington Foyer.

Join us for the third annual tour of two Philadelphia architectural treasures, PAFA’s Historic Landmark Building and the Masonic Temple. We will explore astonishing interiors and masterful craftsmanship while learning about the signs and symbology that animate the architecture of both iconic buildings. 

Our guides will share how spiritualism, geometry, golden ratios, and the natural world – including fossils embedded in marble – hold messages for visitors and tell stories important to each intuitions’ history and present.  

This special evening begins at the Masonic Temple and concludes with a reception in PAFA’s Rooftop Terrace where we will enjoy light hors d’oeuvres served with Prosecco, wine, beer and soft drinks.

Space is limited. Don't miss this incredible summer night out in the heart of Philadelphia.