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Pattern Masters: Decoding Art and Film Through The Mythic Lens

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Abby King
Image pg 125, C. G. Jung.  Jung, C. G. (2009). The red book: Liber novus (S. Shamdasani, Ed.). New York, NY: W.W. Norton.

Since the dawn of civilization, the art of myth-making has followed distinct forms, functions, and narrative structures revealing myth to be a language all its own. The universal language of myth is based in archetype and symbol and has been studied and deconstructed by thinkers and scholars, anthropologists, and artists alike. Recurring patterns in story, sign, and symbol illuminate powerful mythic and aesthetic connections across time, cultures, and the collective imagination.

For this Art at Noon, mythologist and multidisciplinary artist Dr. Li Sumpter will share the work of historic “pattern masters” who left blueprints we can use today to read and decode mythic symbolism in contemporary art and cinema.