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Lonnie Holley: Performance and Artist Talk

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Rhoden Arts Center
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
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Abby King
215 391 4806
Portrait of the artist, Lonnie Holley

Since 1979, Holley has devoted his life to the practice of improvisational creativity. His art and music, born out of struggle, hardship, but perhaps more importantly, out of furious curiosity and biological necessity, has manifested itself in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, performance, filmmaking, and sound. His work is now in collections of major museums throughout the country including on the side of PAFA’s Historic Landmark building.

Experience an evening with the artist, including a screening of Holley’s film I Snuck Off the Slave Ship, a short musical performance, followed by a conversation with Holley, PAFA museum director Brooke Davis Anderson, and producer, screenwriter, and Holley’s collaborator, Matt Arnett.