Exhibition Reception

A Good Habit Formed II: Examples of the PAFA Drawing Culture

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Anne Bryan Gallery
Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building
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Julia Gwen Poncavage

Join us for the Opening Reception for A Good Habit Formed II: Examples of the PAFA Drawing Culture.  

Drawing, singing, writing, and dancing are intrinsic human acts of expression—and while growing up they are a way for a young person to be and to become. And maybe during a person’s life they make the decision to join the society of art makers and decide to train to expand and hone their capacity for visual expression.

The PAFA training curriculum initially was based on European beaux-arts academies which emphasized drawing (although a specific type of drawing). Nevertheless, drawing at PAFA was considered a foundation, a gateway, and a common language for all visual arts.

This exhibition presents examples of that visual language and its use as note taking, practice, homework assignments, a teaching tool, preparatory sketches, or presentation drawings by PAFA faculty and current and past students, as well as contemporary drawing methods and works that may interrogate notions of drawing.

The exhibition features work by: Abigail Beames (BFA), Maggie Bosco (MFA), Kay Brinton (BFA), Kailey Brown (MFA), Kate Burgess (PAFA/Penn BFA), Nina Byerly (BFA), Helen Cardamone (MFA), Faith Castillo (BFA), Arnab Gan Choudhury (MFA), Jason Connor (Post-Bacc), Holly Dudley (BFA), Minh Duong (BFA), Sophronia Eckenrode (Certificate), Celeste Espinosa (BFA), Ashley Feldman (BFA), Julio Galvez (MFA), Maximillian Gurman (Certificate), Navid Hasan (BFA), Olivia Hiester (BFA), Anna Hoppel (PAFA/Penn BFA), Darya Khristich (BFA), Carol King (MFA), Milan Michaud (BFA), Taylor Pate (MFA), Julia Gwen Poncavage (BFA), Zhengxin Ran (Studio Certificate), Roselyn Rodriguez (BFA), Elijah Smith (BFA), Jessica Stahl (BFA), Lasha Stewart (MFA), Eric Wagner (BFA), Jasmine Wang (PAFA/Penn BFA), Jake Weinstein (BFA), Xi Wu (BFA).

Juried by PAFA Alum and former School Exhibitions Facilitator, Brian Boutwell.

Curated by Michael Gallagher’s Exhibitions Class. 

Special thanks to Painting faculty, Al Gury, for lending alumni and faculty works from his personal collection, and to Director of Archives and Collections, Hoang Tran, for loans from the rare book collection of PAFA’s Archives.

Artwork image: Julia Gwen Poncavage (BFA), "The Hideout", Charcoal, 8 x 10 inches, 2021