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Audrey Flack's Vanitas

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Abby King
World War II (Vanitas) Audrey Flack, 1978

Audrey Flack was the only woman among the major Photo-Realist painters active in the U.S. during the 1970s. Featuring unexpected subjects and sizes, Flack’s canvases showed off her technical virtuosity and demanded the attention of viewers. Today Flack remains prolific, but her focus has turned to creating monumental sculptures and large-scale drawings.

This talk by scholar Nancy G Heller will explore one of Flack’s strongest paintings: World War II (Vanitas), which is part of PAFA’s exhibition Taking Space: Contemporary Women Artists and the Politics of Scale. The piece will be located within the context of Flack’s long career, the works of other Photo-Realists, and the broader history of late 20th-century American art.

Dr. Nancy G. Heller is a Professor at The University of the Arts, where one of her specialties is the history of women artists.