Art at Lunch

Bring your lunch and enjoy discussions and lectures with scholars and artists covering a variety of topics related to PAFA’s exhibitions, collections, and areas of interest. All lectures take place in the Hamilton auditorium


The Rose Susan Hirschhorn Behrend Lecture Series: Fall Art-at-Lunch lectures are supported by the Behrend Family in memory of Rose Susan Hirschhorn Behrend, a former docent at the Academy and great supporter of its education programs.

Fall 2018

9/12: The John Rhoden Collection

Just this year, PAFA took over responsibility for more than 275 works by the late African American sculptor, John Rhoden. As the curator for this collection, Dr. Brittany Webb has the exciting task of stewarding Rhoden’s legacy through a major exhibition at PAFA and distributing the artist’s work among museums across the country. Come learn about this world class sculptor and his contributions to the history of American art.

9/26: Withdrawing the Veil: Intermedial Impulses in Peter Frederick Rothermel's Battle of Gettysburg

Ramey Mize, Phd. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, explores the ways in which the Civil War’s visual culture revealed death in unprecedented, graphic detail and how photography and illustrated journalism consequently put pressure on history painting to do the same, but with less acceptable results.

10/17: Diane Burko: Artist and Activist

Diane Burko will demonstrate how her practice developed from her awareness of climate change issues, to gathering data, to bearing witness, as she reviews her journey collaborating with scientists and making expeditions to the polar regions over the past five years. Her talk will chart that evolution with anecdotal experiences and chronological images, showing her work in tandem with on-site shots in the field, installation and studio -  while noting some significant environmental issues. 

Event will be followed by a book signing with the artist.

11/7: The Life and Work of Henriette Wyeth

No family name is more closely associated with 20th-century American art that Wyeth: the names N.C., Andrew, and Jamie Wyeth spark near universal recognition. Henriette Wyeth—daughter, sister, and aunt, respectively—is less known, but no less remarkable. Dr. Kirsten M. Jensen, former chief curator at the James A. Michener Art Museum and curator of the recent retrospective of Wyeth’s work, Magical & Real: Henriette Wyeth and Peter Hurd, explores the seven-decade career of this talented artist.

12/12: Brodsky Center at PAFA

 The Brodsky Center, a collaborative paper and printmaking center devoted to the creation of new work, has found its new home at PAFA. Since its founding in 1986, the Center has completed over 300 editions with a diverse range of emerging and established artists who have become renowned in the field, including Barkley Hendricks, and artists in PAFA's collection such as Melvin Edwards, Joan Semmel, and Richard Tuttle. Learn more about this exciting collaboration with the Director of the Brodsky Center, Paola Morsiani.