Scholarships: Make A Name at PAFA

In 2016, PAFA launched a new initiative—Make a Name at PAFA—to grow support for scholarships and enhance the network of PAFA students and patrons.

Each year, PAFA awards more than $4 million in scholarships. The increases in the cost of higher education are outpacing growth in outside sources of financial aid for students. Tuition for PAFA undergraduate students exceeds $38,000 annually; tuition and fees for the graduate MFA program are almost $40,000 each year.

Over seventy percent of PAFA’s currently-enrolled students require financial aid to complete their studies, and the demand for scholarship support and financial aid regularly exceeds what PAFA is able to provide.

“It is vital that we continue to grow and renew scholarships reserves in order to attract the finest caliber of students for our undergraduate and graduate programs. Simply put, we want the best students to be able to attend PAFA. Scholarship dollars remain PAFA’s greatest financial need.” —Clint Jukkala, School of the Fine Arts Dean

With gifts of $5,000 or more, participating donors will have the opportunity to name scholarships. Donors may create an unrestricted scholarship or designate their scholarship for a specific program of study, for a student pursuing a particular degree from PAFA, or to support diversity recruitment efforts. In the process, all participating donors have the opportunity to develop meaningful lasting relationships with the students that benefit from their generosity. Three tiers of giving ($5,000; $10,000; and $25,000) will provide valuable support for PAFA’s pool of scholarship funding, while offering participating donors an array of attractive benefits. Renewing your scholarship each fiscal year will allow you the chance to nurture students over the life of their PAFA careers. 

The most valuable benefit of all? Knowing that you are nurturing the great artists of tomorrow, today.

Make A Name—Donate Today

Scholarship Giving Levels

  • Names and funds 1 graduate scholarship + stipend for 1 year $25,000
  • Names 1 graduate-level scholarship or 2 undergraduate scholarships for 1 year $10,000
  • Names 1 undergraduate scholarship for 1 year $5,000

Scholarship Donor Benefits

  • Prominent listing of named scholarships on gallery wall labels at the Annual Student Exhibition (ASE) and student installations in the museum.
  • A listing in ASE program book map key as well as select PAFA publications (print and online).
  • An invitation to the annual scholarship luncheon and ongoing opportunities to connect with assigned students and faculty members each school year.

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As the first art museum and school in the United States, PAFA celebrates the transformative power of art and art-making. Your gift sustains our vision of nurturing artists at every turn in their career through our world-class museum and school.

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