Apply to PAFA

Application Deadlines

StartApplication DeadlineEnrollment DeadlineProgram
Fall SemesterFebruary 15August 1

MFA program

Post-Baccalaureate program

Summer SessionFebruary 15May 15Low-Residency program

Using the Admissions Portal

During the admissions process, applicants may check the status of their application through PAFA's Admissions Portal.

  • If you applied using PAFA's Application, you can sign in with the same application login. To track your progress in completing all the application requirements, use the 'Applications Summary' option.  
  • Common Application users will need to create an Admissions Portal account to check the status of their application. Use the same email entered on your Common Application.

Please note that only complete applications will be reviewed for admission. Applicants with missing requirements will be notified and should refer to the Application Summary page to see what materials are incomplete.

Decision Letter

Your official decision letter will be published in the Admissions Portal. If accepted, you can confirm or decline your offer of admission by using the "Respond" button on the decision letter.