Tuition and Fees

Information about the annual cost of attendance for undergraduate and graduate students at PAFA.

Fall 2023- Spring 2024 Annual Tuition Rates & Fees

Bachelor of Fine Arts$43,000$1,600
One Year Certificate Programs$43,000$1,600
Master of Fine Arts$43,000$1,600
Post-Baccalaureate Program$43,000$1,600

*Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts tuition differs depending on your enrollment term since the number of credits differs depending on your stage in the program. Tuition is calculated by credit hour. Low-Res MFA tuition through spring 2023: $1,433/credit hour.

A semester is 12-18 credits of coursework. Only credits up to 18.0 are included in tuition for Certificate and BFA students. All make-up or overload credits beyond 18.0 for full-time Certificate and BFA students will be charged the per credit rate. Any student matriculated in the Certificate or BFA program who enrolls in a summer or evening course (Continuing Education) will be charged the Certificate or BFA per-credit tuition.


Per Credit Hour Tuition
Bachelor of Fine Arts$1,792.00
Low Residency MFA$1,433.00


Annual Student Fees

College Service Fee$1,000
Student Life Fee$300
Technology/Information Services Fee$300


Additional Fees

Studio Damage DepositRefundable$200
Locker FeePer semester$50
Foundry FeePer Class$40
3-D Drawing FeePer Class$40
Digital Fabrication FeePer Class$40
Digital Imaging FeePer Class$40


Annual Housing Rates

2 BedroomDouble Occupancy$14,700
3 BedroomTriple Occupancy$13,400
Housing ApplicationNon-refundable$100
Housing Damage DepositRefundable$500


Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance represents a combination of direct charges and estimated indirect expenses.  Direct charges will appear on your PAFA billing statement, including tuition, fees, and housing if living in on-campus housing.  Indirect expenses include a meal allowance, books & supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses. Every student will have different levels of indirect expenses; however, the values listed represent the allowances provided for the academic year.

The Cost of Attendance does not include individual expenses that may only be specific to the student. For example, you are required to have health insurance while attending PAFA. Students who already have comparable insurance coverage may be eligible to waive enrollment in the PAFA Student Health Insurance Plan by completing the waiver form.  If you do not waive PAFA’s health insurance plan, then a health insurance charge will become a direct charge and be reflected on your billing statement.

Student Health Insurance Rates 2023-2024

Undergraduates $2,419.00/ year
Graduates $4,692.00/ year


Cost of Attendance 2023-2024

Tuition & Fees (Direct)$44,600
Room & Living Expenses (Direct)$13,400
Meal Allowance (Indirect)$5,262
Books & Supplies (Indirect)$1,768
Transportation (Indirect)$3,368
Miscellaneous (Indirect)$3,040