Opening Reception: Love Letters to Earth

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PAFA Alumni Gallery, Historic Landmark Building
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Curatorial Notes:

Inspired by the sea, Hagan’s work is informed by extensive research down to magnifying the networking of micro marine organisms, our planet's champion primary producers. While she shares the richness of our diverse environment with each series and project, it is the universal rhythm connecting life that remains a constant in her practice. This interdependence has allowed all communities to thrive for eons. She celebrates this life force in her vast ceramic range from glistening intricate micro marine architecture to primitive pit-fired sculpture embodying an ancient language.

Thoughts from the Artist:

A cohesive and diverse ceramic play on light, expansion, and interdependence.

Each of the different series in Love Letters to Earth honors and celebrates thriving communities and environments: Micro Marine Abstracts; La Mer shields and installation; Grow series’ organic meditations and Rongorongos (Rapinui: incised for chanting out) primitive pit-fired sculpture.

The elasticity and memory of clay lies within the surface tension of the microscopic hexagonal particulates giving it strength and plasticity. The adaptive nature of clay offers infinite possibilities in form and an illuminating model for mutual sustainability at this climacteric time of change.  Clay comes from the most abundant elements in Earth’s crust forged in nuclear furnaces inside stars. We and all life on our beautiful blue planet, like clay, are stardust.

Love Letters to Earth runs September 20, 2018, through November 11, 2018, in the PAFA Alumni Gallery.